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Yamaha RDP0F5-BGG

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New Entry Acoustic Drum Set "RYDEEN"

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€ 499,00

    • 20”x16” Bass drum
    • 14”x13” Floor tom
    • 12”x8” Tom tom
    • 10”x7” Tom tom
    • 14”x5.5” Snare drum
    • Tom clamp CL940LB x2
    • Genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps
    • P3 type Bass Drum Head
    • Set Paiste 101 cymbals

    LugsTypeSeparate lug
    Shells   Thickness   6 ply (7.2mm)
      Material Poplar
    HeadTopSD : Coated , TT / FT : Clear
     BottomSD : S-side , TT / FT : Clear
    FrontBD : Ebony w/ring mute +Yamaha logo
     BatterBD : Clear w/ring mute
    HoopSD/TT/FT : Triple Flange Hoop(Steel 1.5mm) , BD : Steel Hoop w/matching color inlay 


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Yamaha RDP0F5-BGG

Yamaha RDP0F5-BGG

New Entry Acoustic Drum Set "RYDEEN"